The institute of cyberpsychology has been founded in 2021 by Ivan Alsina Jurnet and Armen Andreasyan.

Ivan Alsina Jurnet is a cyberpsychologist, professor, and researcher with 20 years of experience in the field. He has worked in a variety of companies and organizations such as the University of Barcelona (UB), Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, Virtualware, Psious, Humantiks, etc.

Ivan has designed systems to treat anxiety disorders, evaluate body image disorders, train oratory skills or to manage acute pain. He has published his works in prestigious national and international journals related to the area of health and new technologies such as Computers in Human Behaviour, International Journal of Human Computer Studies, Frontiers in Psychology and Behavior Research Methods.

Today, is professor at the UVIC-UCC University (Spain) and other institutions where is giving unique courses in Europe about Cyberpsychology.

Having strong relations with Armenia, and after a year of constant collaboration with Armen Andreasyan, they have decided to launch the Institute of Cyberpsychology.

Current Status

Currently the Institute is focused on giving courses, webinars, and workshops to provide guidance to mental health professionals on how to improve their clinical practices.

We are also working on the design, development, and validation of technological resources for the area of psychotherapy and mental health. In a pioneer project in the region, we are creating immersive environments, based on local characteristics, for the treatment of addictions and anxiety-related disorders.

VR offers secure, protected, and controlled scenarios where the patients can learn and practice a wide range of coping strategies (relaxation, cognitive techniques, social skills, among others) at their own peace and rhythm.

A huge highlight is done in relaxation techniques to support general population. VR offers secure and controlled scenarios where the users can practice a variety relaxation techniques at their own pace and as many times as required to master the techniques.

Meet Our Team

Armen Adreasyan
Armen AdreasyanCBT Psychotherapist
Chief Empathy Officer
Ivan Alsina Jurnet
Ivan Alsina JurnetCyberpsychologist and Keynote speaker
Aida Mukuchyan
Aida MukuchyanMarketing Manager
Chief Marketing Officer

Institute Of CyberPsychology

We are a multi-disciplinary laboratory with the most advanced equipment that is committed to focused on the design, development, and validation of technological resources for the area of psychology.

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